Meet E-Board


Mwandeyi Kamwendo


Mwandeyi Kamwendo (you can call her Mwan) is a senior in Columbia College from the beautiful city of Lilongwe, Malawi. She's currently working towards completing her major in Political Science as well as her concentration in Visual Arts. She is CIRCA's President for the 2021-22 academic year and has previously served as Director General of the Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition (CMUNCE). Beyond being involved with several CIRCA branches, Mwan likes to think about sustainable development's intersection with social justice, the future of 2D animation, and the unshakable power of love. She's enjoyed her time in CIRCA and is excited to spend her last year making the community more welcoming and more inclusive for the classes to come!



Deputy Treasurer

Gayoung Lee is a sophomore in Columbia College studying Political Science. In addition to being CIRCA’s Deputy Treasurer, she is also a USG of Committees for CMUNCE and a teacher for CESIMS. Outside of CIRCA, Gayoung is a co-coordinator and mentor for the Asian Youth Program, the treasurer for the Korean Students Association, and a Columbia College Student Ambassador. She has an enormous sweet tooth, so exploring different cafés and dessert spots in NYC has quickly become one of her favorite activities. Gayoung is super excited to serve on E-Board, and she can’t wait to meet everyone!


Irakli Bezhuashvili

Director-General of CMUNNY

Ika is a sophomore at Columbia College, majoring in Economics-Political Science and concentrating in Psychology. He is from the fascinating capital of Georgia – Tbilisi; he has also lived in Ukraine and Turkey, and has been to more than 50 countries on every continent! Ika is involved in a few organizations on and beyond the Columbia campus. In addition to being Director-General for CMUNNY, he serves as a European representative at CAFA. Outside CIRCA, Ika serves as Vice President of the Columbia European Society and as Deputy Director of Public Relations at European Horizons. When (if ever) he’s free, Ika loves to dissect historical maps or dives into a rabbit hole of psychological-thriller novels and true crime documentaries. Ika is excited to get to know everyone at and beyond CIRCA!



DEI Officer & Director General of CMUNCE

Donna Qi is a sophomore at Columbia College from Shanghai studying Economics and History. She is the DEI Officer and Director General of Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition (CMUNCE). Previously, she served as the Undersecretary General of Marketing for CMUNCE. Outside of CIRCA, she is in Lion Fund, Columbia’s undergraduate run hedge fund and serves as the VP of Marketing for Panel to the People. She loves trying out new restaurants and is a karaoke enthusiast. In her free time, you can probably find her getting sucked into a new true crime documentary. She is very excited to serve on CIRCA’s E-Board this year!



President of CAFA

Natasha Salmi is a sophomore at Columbia College majoring in Sustainable Development and concentrating in East Asian Languages and Cultures (Mandarin Chinese). She grew up mostly in San Francisco, but has also attended school in six countries on four continents. Her family now lives in Zurich. Natasha loves international relations and politics and has been involved with Model UN since middle school. At Columbia, Natasha is involved with various branches of CIRCA. In addition to leading CAFA, Natasha is a USG of committees for CMUNCE and CMUNNY. Outside of following international relations, her hobbies include learning new languages, skiing, surfing, exploring cities, reading books, and trying new foods.



Vice President of Marketing

Ellen Ren is a junior in Barnard College studying Environment and Sustainability and Political Science. Outside of serving as VP of Marketing, she is also involved with CMUNCE and serves as the USG of Public Relations of CMUNNY.  At campus, Ellen is in Columbia's Undergraduate Science Journal, SGA Committee of Sustainability, Matriculate, and works at the Barnard merch store (come say hi, we have cute teddy bears!). Outside of campus, Ellen is an avid cafe hunter, exploring the city while playing Pokemon Go -- a game she's proud to have been able to make a reality as a CMUNCE committee in 2020. 



Treasurer / Interim Head Delegate

Katy Haden is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Creative Writing at Columbia University. She is from Charlottesville, Virginia. Katy is passionate about international relations, human rights, and politics. Because of this Katy has done MUN since 6th grade and is now a member of the Columbia travel Model UN team, and is the Chief of Operations for CESIMS. Outside of school and clubs you can find Katy on runs through Riverside and Central park or searching for the best bagels in NYC. Feel free to contact her at!



Editor-in-Chief of CPR

Serena White is a junior in Columbia College, double majoring in Political Science and Hispanic Studies. She is the editor-in-chief of the largest political publication on campus, the Columbia Political Review. Serena is a Chicago native and is passionate about ending mass incarceration, abolishing the death penalty, and Chicago local politics. Outside of CPR, Serena is the Vice President of Columbia Women in Law and Politics and is the Vice President of Operations for Kappa Alpha Theta. You can probably find her drinking ice coffee with her friends on Low Steps or geeking out about Bryan Stevenson to anyone who will listen. She is excited to serve on CIRCA’s E-Board this year.

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Secretary-General of CMUNNY

Laila Cruz is a Sophomore at Columbia College majoring in American Studies. Although she grew up in New York City, she now considers Laguna Beach her new home, a town most famous for its reality TV series creatively titled Laguna Beach. However, she still refuses to eat any pizza made on the West Coast. Laila has been involved in Model UN since her freshman year of high school. As a crisis enthusiast, she has chaired and directed multiple committees and enjoys an intense crisis update (and seeing how the delegates respond). She formerly served as Chief of Staff for CMUNNY and is a Junior Editor on Columbia Political Review. Outside of Model UN, Laila always chooses a history course where she likes to explore the ancient civilizations’s art and religion. On the weekends, Laila loves to explore public art in the city while listening to an audiobook or podcast. She is a Crooked Media enthusiast and can talk for hours about her favorite podcast hosts. Laila is incredibly excited to be the Secretary-General for CMUNNY XVI, and cannot wait to welcome everyone in the fall!


Amanda Daly

Secretary-General of CMUNCE

Amanda is a senior in Columbia College studying neuroscience and behavior. After graduation, she hopes to attend medical school. She is the Secretary-General of CMUNCE XXI, the premier Model UN conference for high schoolers. Outside of her involvement in CIRCA, she is a Tour Guide, Resident Advisor, and Research Assistant.



Secretary-General of CESIMS

Astrid Liden is a Junior in Columbia College from Minnesota studying Human Rights and Latin American & Caribbean Studies with a focus on migration and politics. She is the Secretary-General of CESIMS for the 2021-22 year, and she has been involved with CMUNCE, CMUNNY, and Travel Team along with pitching for CPR. Outside of CIRCA, Astrid is involved with Matriculate, Columbia Catholic Ministry, her Acapella group— the Columbia Metrotones, the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), in undergraduate research as a Mellon Mays Fellow, and the Undergraduate and Multicultural Recruitment Committee Leadership team. She is passionate about issues of representation, recognition, and justice for Venezuelan migrants. In her free time, Astrid loves her cafecito and finding all the best places around New York to get her daily sip, taking walks and running through Central Park, and discovering new hole-in-the-wall restaurants wherever she is. Astrid is excited to be representing CESIMS on CIRCA E-board this year and helping to continue CESIMS’s work for educational equity in MUN!



Vice President of Social Affairs

Elizabeth Karpen is a senior at Barnard studying Political Science and English (with a concentration in film). She’s CIRCA’s VP Social for the upcoming year and has previous served as Chief of Communications for Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition (CMUNCE). Outside of CIRCA, Lizzie serves as the Managing Editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator, treasurer of Her Campus Columbia-Barnard, and Membership Director of Columbia’s chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society. When she’s not trying to convince people to come to CIRCA events, you can find Lizzie contemplating why as a native New Yorker, she stayed in the city for college; watching The Bachelor; and talking about how it’s been two years since she’s last smelled anything. Lizzie’s really excited to be your VP Social in her last year at Columbia!