President Updates and Comments from others
• Policy changing in security fees for clubs on campus. Need to be aware of this going forward.
• Do we want a social media/design chair?
• Do we want to be more involved in student life on campus?
General agreement that we want to be more involved
Application will go out soon. Design a flyer for an event or something like that.
• Explanation of account details for the month

Travel Team
• UPMUNC went well!

• Conference is this weekend
• Everything is taken care of/ordered
• Training on Wednesday 9pm Hamilton 702
• Complete minor training
• Had interviews for new board members
• First meeting with new board this Wednesday

• Sponsors are rolling in yay!

• Ice skating in December
• Maybe a thanksgiving kind of potluck soon
• Class database to come soon
• Event last week went really well
• Co sponsoring is something that worked well and maybe we should continue that more often

• CESIMS staff party on Saturday after CESIMS
• Ariana and Alissa to work together on social/marketing joint events soon
• Traditional date for end of September looks likely if UEM isn’t the worst again
• Secretariat has been picked!