Meeting Minutes


Nausherwan, Gillian, India, Carmelina are sick


Send out SG/DG apps later this week

Interviews next interview

Push the conference back — the weekend after

UEM Drama

Schedule changes addressed

USGs should do a better job reviewing crisis arcs

Only wasn’t a weekend later because of Comic Con and hotel prices

Should negotiate with other conferences

BARMUN next weekend — may maintain that date next year

CMUNNY may not be the first conference, that’s ok

Only lose ends — Reimbursements

Scottie and Ethan are handling

New policy of closing early registration later

Delegations dropping delegates when left to a later date

Sponsorship revenue made up delegates dropping

810 paying delegates, 20 scholarship students
350 students who want to come and are unable to come, 100 actively pursuing
Significantly over best revenue projections
10-15 more delegations coming
Delegates are 100 a person
Proposal: Add slightly less than half back to the CMUNCE budget
Will provide buffer and

Branch Updates

CMUNNY: Thank you staffing party on the 13th

Treasurer: CMUNNY book is basically closed (Penn last delegation)

CPR: Middle of editorial life cycle 13th-14th
Week or so after that, sending to the printer, payment request
Event being put together to promote the branch
Jordan, Ariana, will collaborate
Web columnists booked

Travel Team: Next weekend is first conference SCSY
Next e-board, check request
NCSC invites going out soon
1 Conference left to book

CMUNCE committee application is due on Sunday
8 minimum committees needed, 6 expected are pretty solid
2 CMUNNY turnover
CESIMS proposals could be turned in CMUNCE also
Will coordinate with Ariana

First event this Saturday at 5
Sign up before Thursday if you wanna go
Mentor/mentee sign up still occurring
Website made, url to change

October 13th at 5 pm event for